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Book Errata

- The log-likelihood in Equation (4.1) is incorrect as the second term of the expression should be of the form "+ a log b".

- On page 28, mt should be defined to be the number of marked individuals captured on the tth occasion, and the notation rt is not used in this chapter.

- The variance formula for the Chapman estimate of population size on page 37 should be:


- Schofield, M.R. and R.J. Barker (2010) Data augmentation and reversible jump MCMC for multinomial index problems. arXiv:1009.3507 has become Schofield, M.R. and R.J. Barker (2013) Hierarchical modeling of abundance in closed population capture-recapture models under heterogeneity. Environmental and Ecological Statistics, DOI: 10.1007/s10651-013-0262-3, available here

- There is an error in the known population sizes in Table 3.1 and the caption should read: We note that the population size, N, is known for the chipmunks, rabbit, taxicabsA and golf tees (respectively, N = 82, 135, 420, 250).

On page 241: for the Poisson it should be k=0,1,2,... instead of p=0,1,2,...

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