Online resources to accompany the McCrea & Morgan text


Data Sets

This web page collates the data used within the book and allows readers to try fitting models to the data. If you use the data for new model fitting please credit the individuals who collected the data and its original source.

Schnabel census data

  • - Data from Table 3.1: Meadow voles, Eastern chipmunks, Snowshoe hares, Spotted skinks, Cottontail rabbits, Squirrels, Deer mice, Feral house mice, Pocket mice, Wood mice, Taxicabs and Golftees - download
  • - Cormorant breeding season data 1994 - download
  • - Data from Table 3.7: Breeding bird survery data 1999 - download

Removal data

  • - Data from Table 3.9: Great crested newt removal data - download

Ring-recovery data

  • - Data from Table 4.1: Great cormorants, breeders only
  • - Data from Table 4.3: Great cormorants, marked as young
  • - Male mallard data from McCrea et al (2013) Table 1
  • - Grey heron data from McCrea et al (2012) Table S1

Capture-recapture data

  • - European dippers data from Lebreton et al (1992)
  • - Roe deer data from Lebreton et al (1992)
  • - Data from Table 4.6: Great cormorants, breeders only
  • - Greater flamingo data from Lebreton et al (1992)
  • - World trade center data from Murphy (1999)
  • - Great crested newt data, used as part of the E-iNET workshop - download

Joint recapture and recovery data

  • - Data from pp. 78-79: Great cormorant sufficient statistics
  • - Shag data from Catchpole et al (1998)

Multi-site capture-recapture data

  • - Great cormorants: breeders only

Occupancy data

  • - Great crested newt data, used as part of the E-iNET workshop - download


Catchpole, E.A., S.N. Freeman, B.J.T. Morgan and M.P. Harris (1998) Integrating recovery/recapture data analysis. Biometrics 54, 33-46.

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McCrea, R.S., B.J.T. Morgan, and D.J. Cole. (2013) Age-dependent models for recovery data on animals marked at unknown age. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C (Applied Statistics). 62, 101-113.

McCrea, R.S., B.J.T. Morgan, D.I. Brown, and R.A. Robinson (2012) Conditional modelling of ring-recovery data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 3, 823-831.

Murphy, J. (2009) Estimating the world trade center tower population on September 11, 2001: A capture-recapture approach. American Journal of Public Health. 99, 65-67.

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